Turkey Bans Crypto Payments

Source: iStock/undefined undefined Turkey’s central bank banned the use of cryptoassets in payments as they entailed significant risks due to volatile market values, irrevocable transactions and are used in illegal actions, Reuters reported. Also, the bank said that these assets were “neither subject to any regulation and supervision mechanisms nor a central regulatory authority,” the […]

More S Korean Exchange Customers in Nervous Hunt for their Crypto

Source: Adobe/PRPicturesProduction The South Korean media is carrying more reports of crypto exchanges delaying their clients’ withdrawal requests – and in some cases failing to respond to the customers altogether as investors’ worries about the security of their funds intensify. As previously reported, crypto holders with tokens and fiat on a number of smaller trading […]

CasinoCoin prospects look up

Formerly Malta-based CasinoCoin, which is now run out of the Isle of Man as Eminence Ltd, appears to be back on the path to stability. In light of the company’s determination to keep things transparent, a list of achievements has been posted. For starters, CasinoCoin market cap hit a $147,500,000 closing price or a 2,358% […]

Coinbase IPO off to a flying start

Coinbase has had a great start to its initial public offering (IPO), which opened the crypto exchange’s proprietary share, the COIN, at $381 on Wednesday. The price was ahead of the $250 reference price that was originally posted by NASDAQ. The stock continued to climb and eventually peaked at $429.54. It has been steadily trading […]