$9,000 Pixelmon NFTs are hilariously bad

The NFT reveal of Pixelmon was one of the worst ever seen. The project raised $70m from its NFT sales, which is more than some AAA game studios get for their games.

The expectation for the release was very high but the reveal has had the internet laughing.

Pixelmon is a project that aimed to make a massive play-to-win game in the style of Pokémon. The project grew in popularity as its anonymous founder made big claims about the growth and scale of the project being built.

Demos and teaser images made the game look incredible, and the team looked to have a thorough background in game development.

The NFT artwork went for $9,000 each and when the artwork was finally revealed it was incredibly bad. When users logged in to see their $9,000 NFTs they were in shock.

Poorly pixelated and ugly characters of all types were posted on Pixelmon’s Twitter in outrage.

One user’s NFT did not even have a character, it was just an empty space with a background. Many others had characters that were stuck to the floor or oddly proportioned.

The outrage led to an investigation into the founder of the project and the source of the teaser images used. The founder of the project was revealed to be 21-year-old Martin Stephen Van Blerk and his previous game development background was through a failed kickstarter card game he tried to launch a few years ago.

The teaser images and demos were found to be nothing more than Unity demo artwork which was purchased for less than $100 each.

The founder went to Twitter to apologize for the launch. He claimed the artwork was a huge mistake and that it did not properly represent what the characters would look like in game. The team still promises that the game development will be outsourced to a major game studio, but many are skeptical.

Community members watching the team’s wallet noticed massive payments going to the employees of the project and more going toward buying popular NFTs from Bored Yacht Ape Club and more.

The floor price of Pixelmon has dropped 90% from their original value and many doubt the project will ever live up to expectations.

The memes that have been created about the Pixelmon release are hilarious and can be found by searching #pixelmon on Twitter.


Updated: 03/09/2022 — 16:00