Accenture hit by Bitcoin ransomware

IT consultancy Accenture has repelled a Bitcoin ransomware attack launched by hacking collective Lockbit on Tuesday evening.

Rumors of the attack were substantiated by Lockbit, which confirmed the attack and said it had accessed some of the company’s files. It started publishing them on Wednesday.

Lockbit said that it had obtained Accenture information and was prepared to release it unless Accenture agreed to meet their demands and pay a Bitcoin ransom.

The firm has refused to meet the hackers demands. Lockbit alleged that it had used inside help to penetrate the company’s systems.

“We fully restored our affected systems from back up. There was no impact on Accenture’s operations, or on our clients’ systems”, Accenture responded.

At the same time, Lockbit had already put a clock on releasing the 2,384 files it had obtained.

Ransomware attacks have been a frequent occurrence throughout 2020 and 2021, with the rates of such moves intensifying. Lockbit first appeared on the radar after Kaspersky identified the hacking collective in 2019.

According to Kapersky, Lockbit are capable of distributing malicious software across networks without necessary intervening.

Lockbit usually asks around $33,000 from clients, making it a small-time, but extremely potent operation. So far in 2021, ransomware payments have racked up $81m globally, but it may appear that Accenture has refused to pay, probably understanding that no sensitive data had been leaked.

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Updated: 08/12/2021 — 17:00