Adrian Grenier: Cryptocurrencies fix “wasteful industries”

Actor Adrian Grenier has said that he believes in the future of cryptocurrencies and their ability to “fix” many of the problems that traditional financial systems face.

Talking to Yahoo Finance Grenier expanded on the possible solutions that cryptocurrencies offer, arguing that they have application across a number of “wasteful” industries.

He mounted a defense of Bitcoin (BTC) and argued that mining was not as much of an issue as environmentalists claimed it to be.

Grenier is a UN environment goodwill ambassador. He seems to believe that while crypto will take its time being mined – when it comes to BTC – the tradeoff would be worth it as the cryptocurrency would prove a much needed solution to help patch up industries.

Grenier has been enthusiastic about crypto and other advanced technological solutions. When not promoting the way crypto would fix the world’s broken industries, Grenier is passionate about pushing space tourism through his World View collaboration.

The company is focused on space travel and tourism, another of Grenier’s passions. Grenier did not tell Yahoo exactly what industries can be fixed and how through the mining of BTC. There are just under 2 million tokens left to be mined out of the blockchain.

In the meantime, attitudes towards mining have been growing hostile in the Eastern hemisphere. Kazakhstan has been more careful about enabling crypto mining, struggling with energy shortages. China has outright banned the activity.

The US has called for more eco-friendly energy sources to mine crypto.

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Updated: 04/05/2022 — 16:00