All I Want for Christmas… Is Bitcoin

Mariah Carey grew up in poverty and after a life of success has spent a lot of time helping others.

Her latest move is encouraging people to get involved in Bitcoin – which could be the best investment option for many young adolescents, doubtful over the current global financial structures.

The pop icon has teamed up with Gemini, a digital currencies exchange owned by the Winkelvoss brothers.

Together they focus on promoting Bitcoin and teaching citizens about the power of cryptocurrencies. One root cause behind this promotion is to increase Bitcoin adoption amongst women of color. 

According to Google Analytics, more than 90% of cryptocurrency holders are male. While there are a few known female cryptocurrency influencers, analysts and traders; the demographic has not improved over the years.

Mariah Carey could be the one to instigate this change with one simple click. The singer posted about the benefits of Bitcoin on Instagram, to her 10.2 million loyal followers.

Anyone who has held Bitcoin or Ethereum over the years has seen massive profits that one could not find in the traditional market.

Over the last five years, the S&P 500 has risen from 2100 to 4500 while Bitcoin has accelerated from $500 to $60000.

Just a small investment into these assets has made some people very wealthy.

As there has been a tremendous amount of printing going on within the federal reserve, many younger adults worry about the value of the dollar.

Studies have shown that a large proportion of this generation trust digital currencies over traditional currencies.

Carey can be a beneficial influential figure toward women by getting them involved in this growing asset class.

In her video, Carey takes note that while traditional stocks can have a high entry fee, Bitcoin can be invested in with as little as $5.

This is a great piece of information for crypto-newbies as many believe you can only purchase whole Bitcoins and not a fraction of one.

Carey’s partnership with Gemini includes a referral code for any wishing to create an account for the first time. Anyone who creates an account on Gemini with the code MARIAH will receive $20 worth of Bitcoin.

In addition, any extra revenue generated from Carey’s referral code will go to a non-profit organization called “Black Girls Code”, providing technical education to African American girls.

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Updated: 10/27/2021 — 19:00