Americans dub crypto the “future of finance”

The US is warming up to cryptocurrencies with 53% of the participants in a recent StarkWare survey expressing strong confidence in the future of the digital assets.

Many believe that crypto may as well be the “future of finance” with the biggest support coming from those aged between 25 and 34.

Some 68% believe in the concept firmly across a segment of 2,000 American adults who were interviewed for the survey.

The next age group to show the greatest support was 35- to 44-year-olds, 61% of which were for the idea that crypto may indeed be the future of all money and finance.

Out of the people who participated in the survey, around 340 people (17%) said that they own crypto.

Another 82% among those owning crypto confirmed that they make regular adjustments to their portfolio to better reflect on risk and emerging trends, either by “fiddling or amending” their holdings.

According to StarkWare co-founder and president Eli Ben-Sasson, the survey indicates that support of crypto is growing. This poll shows how widespread crypto has become while indicating just how huge it will soon become.

We see that young Americans, those who will soon shape the economy, are especially turned onto crypto. It’s an important insight that they are investing in large numbers, and overwhelmingly convinced crypto will be “the future”, Ben-Sasson added.

Other executives from the company, including co-founder Uri Kolodny confirmed that there was “big enthusiasm” for currencies.

The US is already demonstrating mass awareness among its population when it comes to cryptocurrencies, with 62% people responding in another survey, confirming that they know about crypto.

The survey interviewed 10,000 people, a large enough segment to make optimistic predictions about the future of crypto in the US.

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Updated: 04/04/2022 — 14:00