Apple warms to Web3

A recent report has suggested that Apple is more interested in exploring the Web3 space than it has previously given the impression of being.

There have been rumors circulating that the tech company may explore Apple NFT cards which will be the company’s official confirmation that it’s entering the space, building up hype as it goes along.

This has naturally caused a furor on Twitter with cryptocurrency enthusiasts welcoming Apple’s Web3 forays.

Some of these forays may be related to the metaverse space. The company may be interested in exploring this newly pitched concept and even deliver on digital and virtual goods that may be of interest to consumers who are already attracted by the concept.

Apple CEO Tim Cook already has holdings in cryptocurrency, but he still calls it a speculation portfolio and doesn’t seem to be too firmly behind the idea.

However, the CEO has been expressed an interest in NFTs, sparking conjecture that Apple may be creating a “speculation portfolio” of its own to see if Apple-branded NFTs do stand a chance.

An update is now expected with Tim Cook speaking during the Apple meeting update from today through June 10, 2022.

The gathering may bring more clarity on whether Apple is truly going to explore the cryptocurrency space.

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Updated: 06/06/2022 — 11:00