Axie Infinity Discord “hack” has people worried

Popular play-to-earn non-fungible token game Axie Infinity was hacked through its Discord sever on Wednesday morning, with the MEE6 bot being compromised by hackers.

The MEE6 bot, which is used to break news to the community and automate much of the administrative work, issued a fake message about a minting process underway, which urged consumers to get in on the action.

The breach was caught almost immediately by Axie Infinity with admins deleting the message but many Discord users who hadn’t restarted their clients could possibly still see the fake announcement.

Axie Infinity went on to minimize the bot issue saying many projects had faced similar issues in the past. MEE6 Discord developers also hit back at accusations that their bot had been compromised.

Engineers from the team argued that the MEE6 bot registered no unusual activity. An MEE6 official spokesperson said that the company took such issues very seriously and security was of the utmost importance to the team as a whole.

However, many believe that while no breach did happen in the conventional sense, an admin account had been compromised to access the Discord channel.

There were no reports of lost funds, but the $600m heist due to Axie Infinity’s Robin bridge is still smarting and consumers, happy as they are to make digital riches playing the game, have become much wearier of what it brings to the table.

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Updated: 05/18/2022 — 17:00