Bitcoin fraud costs Brit £200,000

An anonymous British man was duped out £200,000 as part of a crypto scam, the Metropolitan Police has reported.

The man was approached by conmen online and convinced to invest a substantial sum of money back in 2020.

The money was invested in a fake brokerage which promised strong returns on bitcoin without any intention to honor this, or even run any type of brokerage services.

The scam then took an even more harrowing turn with the men successfully convincing the victim to give them remote access to his computer and then gradually siphoning off more sensitive information and taking out loans in his name.

At one point, the fraudsters turned up at his doorstep and threatened him into giving them more money for “further investigations”.

The police report said: “Reports of investment fraud have increased significantly since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which is unsurprising when you think the vast majority of us have had to conduct nearly every aspect of our lives on a computer or mobile phone.”

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Updated: 06/14/2021 — 18:14