Blockchain goes Mainstream with Rowan Energy

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Rowan Energy

Imagine a system where a tokenized blockchain-based solution is widely used by the public, simply and easily, without them ever knowing.

We’ve had blockchain technology for over a decade now. From Bitcoin to the thousands of others currently available, the technology has incredible potential but has always been held back. It’s tricky to use and, for non-technical users, there is a steep learning curve and multiple challenges to overcome.

This has held back the mainstream adoption we have all wanted. Luckily, Rowan Energy is changing that.

So what exactly does Rowan Energy do?

Using a blockchain back-end architecture built around the openly tradeable Rowan Token, Rowan Energy offers home solar users money for the electricity they produce.

The home solar users purchase the Rowan Smart Miner via the Rowan Rewards website, a custom smart meter, which is installed by a certified engineer at their property. That then generates RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). Rowan pays the customer for their data that is used to mint the REC.

Although the users are paid in fiat, through their PayPal accounts, or via the Rowan debit card, the RWN token is used to handle the back-end payments.

As the users generate their electricity, RWN is automatically purchased from an exchange by Rowan to cover that value. When the users withdraw their money, Rowan can manage the RWN tokens’ sale to prevent adverse effects on the token price.

How much can you get using the Rowan technology?

Rowan currently offers users 10p per 1KwH they produce, and the UK home solar user, on average over a year, produces around 20KwH daily.

Rowan is currently targeting 10,000 installs in their first 12 months, meaning when that goal is hit, there will be an average of 20,000 GBP of buys daily of RWN from exchanges as a result.

Blockchain mainstream adoption is no longer a pipe-dream. It is happening now as the first users are already live on the Rowan Rewards platform, minting their RECs and being rewarded.

If you want to find out more, visit their Discord or Twitter, where you can see exactly what is happening in the project and ask your questions directly to the team & CEO.


Updated: 04/12/2021 — 11:00