Brave Browser Surpasses 50 Million Users

For the fifth consecutive year Brave Browser has managed to double the number of people using it.

The cryptocurrency focused browsing platform continues to pull users away from Chrome and other popular internet explorers by offering additional privacy and tokenized rewards.

Brave has now reported it has reached a new high of 50 million users and other statistics websites show it has 36 million daily average users.

Brave Browser continues to develop with new features and tools. This year Brave released a private video service called Brave Talk and also released Brave Wallet directly into the browser.

Brave Search, a search engine released last year, is still relatively unknown by most users but managed more than two billion queries.

Brave CEO and co-founder Brendan Eich has continued to work with new partners to expand its product line and services. Eich said that he works with anyone who shares his vision to make “Web free from Big Tech’s shackles”.

Google, among other tech companies has come under fire in recent years for the data its software collects and sells from users. Recent studies have shown that most users do not want their data to be collected if their only purpose is relevant advertisements.

Brave on the other hand has pushed back against data collection and gives users the ability to turn off advertisements completely or get paid to view them. Brave’s success is also related to the user experience on the browser which is very similar to Google Chrome and is easy to navigate.

The native token for Brave, BAT, had a big spike in price during early 2021 and has managed to retain most of its value.

The utility behind BAT is still very limited but as the platform grows many anticipate more features and functions for the digital asset.

If Brave continues this success many anticipate the BAT token will flourish. The rewards offered from browsing with ads is very limited but could prove lucrative if the token is successful.

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Updated: 01/10/2022 — 16:00