Cancun’s Luxurious Catamaran Charter Accepting Bitcoin to Binance Cryptocoins

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Family Enjoying Moana Cancun Catamaran excursion

As the cryptocoin Bulls run once again, there are plenty of ways newborn millionaires will spend their money. Some will join the real estate market buying madness. Some will diversify in other coins. One thing everyone will do likely, take a vacation. Top Cancun luxury chartered boat group is fully aware of this Crypto-millionaire need and is now accepting crypto-coins to accommodate.

Moana Cancun Adopts Cryptos

The coins being accepted with ease right now are Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, others such as Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Cardano (ADA), XRP, and Chainlink (LINK) can be arranged.

Binance is also able to be arranged, along with BEP20 tokens if certain minimums are being spent. This includes the newly popular CryptoBlades. And even future BNB-paired token, SafeTitan (STTN), which will have it’s ICO on August 14th, will be a viable option once it’s on PancakeSwap.

Moana Cancun (MC) is not for your average level consumer. It is instead a custom tailored thrill for cryptowhales and those with money to invest in a 1-OAK experience.

Moan’s chartered catamaran service comes with a private French chefs and sommelier. Food served to guests is rated 10-star and is accompanied by fine wines of various flavors. All of these luxuries are of course paid for in full, by initial cryptocoin payments.

Mexico’s a New Tourist Hot Spot

If you are not familiar, Central America’s largest country is a hot spot for travelers with money, currently. Mexico refuses to force people to have a vaccination passport, which clearly violates human rights. Yet, they are maintaining a lower Covid-19 infection rate than it’s North American neighbor promoting the passport, the United States.

In Cancun, one place endowed travelers are visiting is Finest Playa Mujeres Hotel. During one’s stay here, it’s easy to create a 5-star pampering & relaxation experience without leaving your resort. And for just over 300 USD per night, the modern hotel is a perfect place to recline after a chartered luxury Catamaran by Moana Cancun.

Beyond visiting the Isla De Mujeres, cryptowhales are also frequenting Cabo in the Mexican state of Baja California. For 1300 USD per night, tourists can rent out a hotel room at the One & Only Palmilla, a world-famous resort brand.

Most Expensive Restaurants in Mexico

And you will eat well here. At One & Only Pamilla, clients can enjoy various international cuisines and retire to incredible ocean views. One who appreciates great beef, musto try the steak house by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

While in Cabo, enjoying the Rich & Famous lifestyle, one must try one other Chef’s magic for the taste buds. Executive Chef Juan Licerio Alcalá, has the world’s most expensive taco offered exclusively at the Grand Velas resort’s restaurant, Cocina De Autor. For a price tag of just 25,000 USD or just over half-a-bitcoin at today’s price, one can enjoy a 24K Gold Foiled Taco.

The Golden taco, which is exclusive to Cabo, is a masterpiece that blends some of the most expensive ingredients any chef can find. This includes langoustine, Kobe beef, black truffle brie cheese, and Beluga caviar.

The cryptowhales that wish to continue the luxury spending can buy a bottle of Tequila. Not just any brand however, in Mexico it must be the Ley .925 Pasion Azteca Ultra-Premium Añejo tequila. The price tag is 150,000 USD or approximately 30-Million SafeTitan (STTN) tokens at the ICO price.

The Binance-paired token will be sold for 0.005cents USD during its initial coin offering. If wishing to spend this, wait until October 2021, when the BEP20 token will be up for trade on Pancake Swap crypto exchange.

Outside of Cabo and back in Cancun, travelers still find a ‘rich man’s diet.’ Start with the 7-star meal from the personal French Chef on a privately chartered Catamaran by Moana Cancun. This is possibly the best food you will have while in Cancun.

After food from a private chef on Moana’s Catamaran, one can venture to a well-known steakhouse like Ruth Chris. However, for those wanting a more 1-of-a-kind experience, it’s better to try what Tripadvisor ranks as Cancun’s most expensive restaurant. Restaurante Careyes holds a 5-dollar-symbols rating which means it’s quite pricey and a group of 4 could easily spend 5 Ethereum (ETH) tokens in one night.

Crypto Whales in Mexico Seas

It’s important crypto whales visit to make arrangements for a luxury vacation. Things can be tailored to the needs of any customer who has the Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE,SHIB, XRP, or other token to spend. The preferred token by the private catamaran charter is BTC & ETH.

Nonetheless, Everything can be set up for your entire trip with cryptos to have an isla mujeres all-inclusive catamaran tour. The company founder makes it clear via their website, their job is to make the vacation as carefree and luxurious as customers choose.

A pre-set overnight experience with 3 meals cooked on-board and premium open bar is the price of less than 7,900 DOGEcoins or 2500 USD. The least expensive Moana Cancun private Catamaran experience lasts 4 hours and costs 1200 USD or just under 3,900 DOGEcoins.


Updated: 08/25/2021 — 11:01