Changelly and ZenGo partner to keep decentralized crypto alive

Instant cryptocurrency exchange Changelly has partnered with multichain crypto wallet ZenGo in a bid to challenge such new regulations.

The centralization of crypto on large exchanges is a topic rife in the industry at present. In this partnership; utilizing Changelly’s technology to keep the decentralized, permissionless crypto organization alive, ZenGo users will be able to branch across multiple blockchains, exchanging over 40 digital assets with the ZenGo wallet.

“This partnership is a milestone on our way to providing more and more people with a convenient exchange service”, said the Changelly team.

There has been much speculation surrounding the future of cryptocurrencies. Recently, as mentioned in the Financial Times, there has been conversation surrounding Thailand applying 15% tax on crypto transactions.

However, the topic seems to be swings and roundabouts, as the country abandoned this plan shortly after.

Moreover, the UK’s Tax collection department Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs issued updated guidelines on staking and DeFi lending whereby any return may soon be taxed.

While crypto is at a crossroads, ZenGo and Changelly focus on maintaining the ethos of crypto as a user-controlled only environment.

The two companies will launch a giveaway to celebrate the partnership, with information posted on both Twitter accounts with information on how to participate.

With safety being paramount in this joint venture, the agreement never sacrifices user safety, security or accessibility. “Our integration with Changelly powers simple, safe and seamless trading directly through ZenGo on blockchains and with no paperwork required”, said the ZenGo team.

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Updated: 02/10/2022 — 16:00