Cloudbet adds Dogecoin

Cloudbet Casino will now feature Dogecoin as a viable payment option.

Doge joins a list of 12 currencies that together constitute 80% of the total market cap for all such digital assets.

Doge’s market cap has reached $57bn, surpassing that of many mainstream companies, including Twitter and Ford Motors.

With the currency’s growing endorsement by mainstream sporting franchises, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and others, Dogecoin is looking at a bright future, and Cloudbet players have long asked for it. That is why Doge is finally a viable payment option.

A Cloudbet spokesperson explained: “Our community is as old as Doge’s, and many members are rabid Shibes. They want Dogecoin, and we must deliver. We’re on a one-way rocket to the moon! Mars next!”

Along with other excellent payment options, such as Ethereum, USDT, Bitcoin and more, Cloudbet now brings a constellation of worthwhile crypto payment methods for you to enjoy.

The Doge sub-Reddit saw a substantial increase in active subscriptions and Musk’s pending appearance on Sunday Night Live is another reason why Doge has been rallying. It has gone up 8,000% this year alone!


Updated: 04.05.2021 — 14:00