Coinbase employees get mandatory four weeks off

US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has decided to take better care of its employees and will offer one week off to each team member for each quarter all throughout 2022.

This equates to four total weeks that employees will be able to shut off completely from work and recharge.

In other words, Coinbase is offering its employees a full month of days off during 2022, which is a brave course towards employee wellbeing in a country that has a go-getter mentality and where days off are a rarity.

However, Coinbase chief people officer L.J. Brock said that this is the right way forward. In fact, Coinbase would have nearly the entire company shut down during those periods, running emergency and skeleton crews to guarantee the smooth operations of day-to-day tasks.

Brock acknowledged that currently, Coinbase allows employees to work more than 40 hours a week if they choose to, but the company is actively assessing wellbeing and wants to ensure that everyone is feeling well on the job and remains productive.

“We realized in 2020 that many employees weren’t taking enough time off to recharge, either because they didn’t want to force their teammates to cover for them or because they didn’t want to fall behind on their work”, he said.

Coinbase is confident that “four weeks of coordinated recharge” would have an immense impact on the company’s growth potential.

Of course, some have criticized the move, arguing that while the company will allow people to recharge, it will also make it hard for its employees to plan much if the weeks come at specific dates which may not be convenient.

Regardless, Coinbase’s course of action is a distinct change of tack and offers an alternative approach to employment.

The exchange is trying to buck the trend that employees must spend the longest time in the office to beat their competitors.

Partly, Coinbase has been motivated by the new wave of resignations across the US, which is dubbed colloquially as “The Great Resignation”.

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Updated: 01/14/2022 — 00:00