Coinbase Number 2 On App Store After Super Bowl Ads

Coinbase, with a simple commercial, has managed to become the second highest ranked application based on downloads on the Apple Appstore.

Cryptocurrency communities around the web were excited for the Super Bowl this year due to the amount of crypto advertisements being shown.

The Wall Street Journal dubbed this year’s event as the Crypto Bowl due to the quantity of cryptocurrency advertising.

The Coinbase commercial was as simple as they come. The ad featured a floating QR code in the style of the old DVD screensaver.

The advertisement was a huge success as so many people accessed and downloaded the Coinbase application that its servers struggled to keep up with the volume.

Coinbase was quick to fix the congestion issues with its servers and as of writing the application is working fine.

Other exchanges and cryptocurrencies were also featured during the Super Bowl including and FTX. had multiple advertisements featuring Lebron James and Matt Damon, and technology as it progressed throughout the last 20 years using the tagline “Fortune favors the brave”.

FTX on the other hand featured Larry David and how skeptics have always doubted new technological revolutions throughout time.

All the exchanges featured in the Super Bowl were successful in bringing in new users and customers but Coinbase was a clear winner with the number of sign-ups.

This is not the first time the Coinbase application has been top of the charts. Back in April 2021 when the bull market was going strong, the application was one of the most downloaded.

Coinbase is one of the largest centralized exchanges in the US and the Super Bowl proved to be a perfect marketing opportunity.

Surveys on US residents show anywhere from 17%-24% of Americans currently own cryptocurrencies. With successful advertisements during big events this number could increase dramatically.

If the number of American crypto holders increases, it could skew the regulatory and compliance laws in a direction more favorable to digital currency enthusiasts.

Which was your favorite cryptocurrency commercial during the Super Bowl? Do you know anyone who joined Coinbase, FTX or from these advertisements? Let us know on our social media!


Updated: 02/17/2022 — 14:00