Coinbase under fire for poor customer support

Coinbase is dealing with what users described as a poor response by the crypto exchange after hackers drained numerous accounts out of funds.

According to an investigation by CNBC, thousands of customers have lodged complaints against Coinbase for what they described as a poor level of customer support in addressing the issue over recent months.

CNBC spoke to numerous victims of the hacking who said Coinbase failed to respond to user concerns, exacerbating the issue further.

CNBC said it had uncovered thousands of complaints, which revealed “a pattern of account takeovers, where users see money suddenly vanish from their account”. It went on to claim that Coinbase customers felt they had received “poor customer service” and were left “hanging and angry”.

According to Tanja Vidovic, a Coinbase client, her losses amounted to $168,000 in crypto that disappeared from her account in April. Coinbase has not assisted Vidovic in restoring her assets, CNBC reported.

The outlet interviewed others. One person claimed $35,000 of crypto had disappeared from their account. Coinbase issued a response, explaining that the company’s policy doesn’t cover single-account thefts.

The New York Times has reported on Coinbase’s inaction in similar cases. One user sued the company after they lost $100,000 worth of crypto and an industry analyst known by his Twitter handle as KALEO, reported to his 360,000 followers that his father had been locked out of his account and Coinbase had done nothing to assist him.

Coinbase did respond to KALEO but that drew fire from those who had been in a similar situation and for whom Coinbase allegedly didn’t care, because they “didn’t have 360,000 Twitter followers”.


Updated: 08/26/2021 — 09:00