Couple gets married on Decentraland

Ryan and Candice Hurley from Arizona became the first couple to get married in Decentraland last week.

The couple rented out a plot of land as their venue and invited more than 2500 guests to the reception.

Their wedding on February 5 featured a witness, Supreme Court Justice officiant Clint Bolick, and Rose Law Group was hired to formalize the wedding.

However, this futuristic wedding was plagued by technical difficulties and legal problems.

Decentraland servers could not handle 2500 users all in one location and many of them were forced to connect to alternate servers which did not function as intended.

Those users who were on alternate servers witnessed Candice’s avatar wearing normal street clothes while others could not see her at all.

Participating in the wedding granted the user an NFT wedding gift. Unfortunately, those gifts had all been claimed within 25 minutes of the start of the reception. Many of those who struggled to connect or couldn’t connect at all never received a gift.

The technical issues were so bad that some users were urged to go to Rose Law Group’s Instagram page where they could watch the service via livestream.

The marriage featured a Meta-Marriage License, which recorded the couple’s virtual identities and place of marriage on the blockchain as an NFT. The problem is, many believe this is not a legally binding contract and that their wedding is far from official.

Many states in the US do not allow couples to get married virtually or through video conference. The American Marriage Ministries claim that the couple must be in the same physical location for the marriage to be official.

The Hurleys are not the first to try to tie the knot on the blockchain. A couple in India recently had their wedding vows recorded as NFTs, while another couple from the US had tokenized wedding bands created to immortalize their special day.

The earliest recording of this type was in 2014 when in a Bitcoin conference a couple signed a transaction which featured the message “for better or worse, ’til death do us part because the blockchain is forever”.

Blockchain technology is special because of its immutable ledger. Anything placed on the blockchain cannot be removed or changed. Sounds perfect when speaking about a lifelong partnership between two loved ones.

Unfortunately, the metaverse is still very much in development as the Hurley’s found out first hand.




Updated: 02/11/2022 — 04:00