Crypto investor loses 120K to virus

A Reddit user, PowerofTheGods, has detailed a story in which he lost $120,000 by clicking on a single link.

The investor, who had been using a Ledger Nano S crypto wallet since 2014 and four different Metamask digital hot wallets, had all of their funds stolen by a malicious party.

In a bid to tell others how not to fall victim for the same scam, PowerofTheGods went to r/Cryptocurrency and described their experience.

The user said that they only clicked on a single bad link and from there on in, a Trojan virus took over and needed only a few minutes to empty the wallets.

This was established post factum as the user discovered the missing funds an unspecified time after contracting the virus. His story was shared by other Reddit users who had similar experiences.

Crypto criminals are using several strategies to get hold of your crypto it seems. Other than sending phishing links, criminals are also turning to rug pulls where the funds of a project disappear after a few days of increasing trading.

Rug pulls are one of the biggest threats to crypto investors, according to a report by Chainalysis, a data and security firm.

The story is just a mild warning, but if someone can lose $120,000 worth of crypto currency in a matter of minutes, it’s a good warning for people who tend to keep their crypto online.

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Updated: 03/10/2022 — 14:00