crypto tax: Crypto community high on hopes after positive signals from India, Russia govts


Crypto industry at large is positive on the announcement and believes that the governments across the world are stepping ahead to take a big awaited call in the digital assets

After Russia’s intentions to regulate crypto, players in India and across the globe are high on hopes over the new-age asset class.

They are expecting that two major nations – India and Russia – have stepped ahead for the legitimisation of the crypto assets, and more major economies may join the forces soon.

However, India has made it clear that the legitimate or illegitimate are separate questions and the government is simply taxing the gains from the crypto transactions, which is its sovereign right.
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On the other hand, the Putin government is eyeing crypto regulations, bucking the recommendation from its central bank to ban the mining and trading of the private digital tokens.

Crypto industry at large is positive on the announcement and believes that the governments across the world are stepping ahead to take a big awaited call in the digital assets.

Anndy Lian, Chairman, BigONE Exchange said that a country like Russia embracing crypto is positive news for the whole world. More retail investors in the communities are starting to feel comfortable and bullish, especially on memecoins.

“With India and Russia taking their stand on crypto, many other countries may take reference from them and follow in their footsteps,” he added.

Sathvik Vishwanath, Co-Founder and CEO, of Unocoin said that it will be a matter of time before more and more countries start looking at the crypto industry in a positive way.

The ones who had shied away from cryptos in the past are changing their perspectives and Russia is one of them, he added. “On the other side India has taken the wait and watch policy, but is not opening up with its views.”

Crypto fanatics, who see decentralisation as removing control and governance, will not be happy with regulations put across by the authorities across the globe.

Dileep Seinberg, Founder and CEO, Thinkchain said that every nation is likely to have its own cryptocurrency, with a potential to build a crypto-economy globally.

However, the industry players do not believe that the world should join the force and come as one to regulate the crypto assets uniformly. They do not see this as a viable option.

Cryptocurrencies are seen as bridges between worlds and the new regulations in place will serve as a financial connector between countries, said the experts.

The world would not and should not come as one as it is not feasible for most nations, said Lian of BigONE. “This could also mean that cryptocurrencies would be further scrutinized, monitored and monitored.”

It would be an unrealistic home for specific guidelines to be applicable for the entire world as one. At the tech level there definitely is uniformity irrespective of which country it is working in.

“The taxation, regulations, and enforcement differ which needs to be handled by the governments within the country,” said,” Vishwanath of Unocoin.

Once the regulations are out in different parts of the world, there will be a lot of changes through. However, experts said that governments, authorities and regulators should primarily focus on education and awareness about the asset class.

“We will see the real issues when the countries start to implement and allow crypto into their system fully,” Lian said. “I hope the other countries can use Singapore’s sandbox model for instance to simulate the possible scenarios before going into full-scale implementation.”

“Most important industry concerns would not come from technology but to see if few companies can monopolies like any other industry in the world,” said Sienberg. “This might damage the very fabric of the decentralised crypto world.”

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Updated: 02/11/2022 — 07:00