Cuban hails Ethereum as best crypto for beginners

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has said that Ethereum is the cryptocurrency that has “the most upside” for people who are new to crypto and are looking to invest in a new asset.

Cuban is not opposed to fun currencies too, such as Dogecoin, as an entertaining option for people who don’t take crypto seriously or expect to turn a profit. And when it comes to gold, Bitcoin is “just better gold than gold”.

However, even in these instances, financial experts still think of cryptocurrencies as a very high-risk investment.

The lack of a central banking authority to back them up and their high volatility make cryptocurrencies dangerous.

Cuban himself was burnt on an altcoin he didn’t research properly, leading him to lose all his funds. Unlike traditional investors though, Cuban’s portfolio is big and he has more room for error.

He owns altcoins and mainstream cryptocurrencies, NFTs and has stakes in blockchain companies. He has advised people to invest in technology that adds value and repeatedly expressed regret for not getting involved with crypto much earlier.

He became involved with Dogecoin as part of an educational experience for his son Jake, but also because he was keen to learn more about the crypto space, to which he may be a late arrival but in which he puts a fair degree of trust.

Ethereum is also a preferred currency for many crypto gamers who choose the currency to bet with on sites such as Bitcasino, 1xBit and FortuneJack.


Updated: 10/14/2021 — 13:00

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