Dfinity founder makes case for decentralizing websites on blockchain

Developer of the Internet Computer blockchain Dfinity founder Dominic Williams has made the case for decentralized content services being used to avoid censorship on OnlyFans type sites.

Popular adult-oriented website OnlyFans has achieved global fame and enabled content creators to generate significant revenue, however back in August, OnlyFans made an out-of-the-blue announcement arguing that sexually explicit content will no longer be available on the platform.

Given that OnlyFans is predicated on such content, the news caught many people unawares. It later transpired that CEO Tim Stokely had to announce the move as financial institutions have told Stokely that he would not be able to use their services if OnlyFans was to continue with the same model.

After less than a week, the decision was reversed with institutions such as JP Morgan Chase and Bank of New York Mellon assuring Stokely that he did not have to worry about these institutions severing ties with OnlyFans.

In an interview for Cointelegraph, Williams discussed the need for decentralization of content platforms.

While this story had a happy end, Williams believes that the example with OnlyFans is just a drop in the ocean and perfectly demonstrates why content platforms must be decentralized.

By decentralizing a platform, you can keep it away from censorship attempts that are predicated on individuals’ whims.

Williams further explained: “One of the key ways blockchains can add value is by running smart contract code that cannot be stopped, providing a way to create systems that are more resistant to censorship by third parties.”

He also cautioned that blockchain platforms cannot achieve full independence from centralized services as decentralized applications still have to rely on IT infrastructure, such as Amazon or Google to operate.

To counteract this, Williams is advocating for more people to develop platforms on what is known as the Internet Computer blockchain, his company’s proprietary solution that is touted as an alternative to traditional providers of web infrastructure.

Williams is calling for fellow developers to create more sites like OnlyFans on the decentralized solution. What this means would be for developers to decide. On the face of it, however, Williams is focusing on having a website that is free of censorship more so than a replica of the popular adult-content site.

In the meantime, many existing decentralized websites exist, with Bitcasino.io, 1xBit and FortuneJack allowing for you to place a bet with digital currency.


Updated: 10/11/2021 — 13:00