Discord Leaks Image Showing Ethereum Adoption

On 8 November, Jason Citron, CEO and founder of Discord posted a tweet showing a possible connection between his platform and Ethereum.

The image showed the Discord logo and the Ethereum logo together, below the logos were links that allowed users to connect third party cryptocurrency wallets. 

The connection options for Ethereum wallets look to be utilized for Discord Nitro, a premium service that gives additional features for users including animated emojis.

This connection would allow users to pay for the premium service with digital assets from a multitude of wallets. Metamask and Wallet Connect were the options shown. 

The response to this was both positive and negative. Fans of Ethereum were excited to see the adoption on the popular platform while many were wary of the cost of transactions required to use Ethereum.

Among the comments were some who were negative toward cryptocurrencies and complained about the energy costs associated with Ethereum and other Proof of Work networks.

Cryptocurrencies for payments was not the only thing mentioned. Jason Citron also announced his aims into using NFTs on Discord platforms. These NFTs would have different use cases such as NFTs for avatars. 

The tweet grew in attention throughout the week and Jason Citron responded by saying that there are currently no plans to ship the integration.

Citron stated its main focus is on user security and privacy. Finally, he mentioned that web3, albeit successful, has a long way to go before it is scaled to the adoption required for Discord.

Discord joins many other platforms that are looking to incorporate Ethereum related products. Reddit has also announced it is looking to turn Reddit Karma into ERC-20 tokens. Twitter has also announced it is hiring Ethereum developers to build decentralized applications for its platform.

This growing trend for Ethereum continues while many of the newer chains struggle to find adoption. Ethereum continues to push for new all time highs this week as many companies around the world continue to adopt the blockchain.

The need for Ethereum to merge into v2.0, which will lower fees exponentially, is growing rapidly. Will Ethereum scale fast enough to meet the expectations of their demand? Let us know what you think below.

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Updated: 11/15/2021 — 11:00