Download All Non-Fungible Tokens in One Torrent

Non-fungible tokens, or more commonly known as NFTs have only been around for a few years and have exploded in popularity. Platforms like Axie Infinity have grown into multi-billion dollar market caps and have pushed NFT gaming into the spotlight.

Many crypto enthusiasts still do not understand the point of a non-fungible token, which has led to many jokes on social media.

NFTs have existed for a lot longer than most people realize. Even before Ethereum launched its blockchain there were NFTs that functioned on the Bitcoin network through websites like counterparty. Popularity grew for NFTs when Ethereum released EIP-721 which allowed for the creation of NFTs on its blockchain.

In the same way that ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain started out as simply nonsense and hype, NFTs have grown in a similar fashion. There is a ton of utility that can come from them, such as proof of ownership, identity, elimination of counterfeit goods, and more, but these concepts have yet to be fully built out.

As of today, most of the NFTs are used for artwork, gaming, or collectibles and the token is an example of a really rough proof of ownership. While there are some incredible artists making limited edition digital art through such tokens, a majority of the market has flocked to simple images compiled through algorithmic generators. Baboons, apes, witches, robots, you name it… there is likely a ‘limited edition’ non-fungible token collection out there. 

This lack of utility has confused many who do not understand the capabilities of NFTs and think it’s a system of trading images back and forth. This has led to a plethora of jokes around Twitter and other social media platforms around stealing each other’s NFTs by simply right-clicking and saving the image. Users will mock holders by stating they have easily stolen their tokens with a quick download.

This joke has grown to the point where a website has been curated, named NFT Bay. A knock-off of the once-famous Pirate-Bay which allowed people to illegally download files, movies, music, and TV shows. This website only offers one torrent which holds all of the artwork from NFT marketplaces. These are not the actual non-fungible tokens, but rather the images associated with them, which hold no value. Only time will tell how many newbies in the crypto world will fall for this.

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Updated: 11/22/2021 — 21:00