Empowering Women in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Distributed cloud storage has always been a popular use case around blockchain. Many crypto enthusiasts joined cryptocurrency because they were attracted to the idea of better privacy.

Distributed cloud storage allowing users to store files without a central company owning it, was one of the pillars of blockchain utility that many people got behind.

DCS 2021 is this year’s globally distributed cloud storage summit and is the largest of its kind. DCS sees over 20,000 attendees and more than 50 leading enterprises join forces to approach new ways to store files in a decentralized manner.

This event is part of a larger event known as Blockchain World. This year DCS will look to celebrate and spotlight the female leaders in the crypto space. 

The lack of women in the industry is significant. Various studies show the percentage of digital asset holders and workers anywhere from 85% to 90% male.

This massive gender imbalance could prove to be an issue as the industry continues to expand. LinkedIn reported that blockchain was one of the best industries to be working in. Holders of crypto assets have also seen tremendous growth tokens and coins continue to rise in Q4.

Many are trying to change this narrative as women bring tremendous talent and massive contributions to the growing industry. Another figure attempting to make change is Mariah Carey, who recently posted on Instagram about Bitcoin and how easy it was to purchase.

DCS looks to push the ideals of supporting women in the industry by highlighting just how successful some women in cryptocurrency are.

DCS 2021 will host many talented female leaders in the industry. Susan Oh (Chief Marketing Officer, BeOmni), Yael Tamar (Co-CEO & Co-Founder, SolidBlock), Nicole Purin (Senior Legal Counsel, Standard Chartered Bank), and Natalie Brunell (Media Personality and Educator) are set to take the stage in this spotlight.

A balanced gender demographic will only lead to more success in the industry. Many male workers who have joined blockchain technology have excelled in the field.

The more female leaders showcased, the more coverage women receive on cryptocurrency projects. This movement is an important one and will bring innovation and strength to the growing market.

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Updated: 11/10/2021 — 19:00