Entrepreneur mobilizes blockchain to end conflict in Ukraine

Internet Computer and DFINITY founder Dominic Williams plans to use $250m allocated through crypto rewards to help end the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The catch is that anyone who wishes to benefit from the fund will need to access a decentralized internet solution.

Williams argues that by incentivizing ordinary Russians to find out the truth about Ukraine, they will be more motivated to pressure their government to cease hostilities.

In 23 days of war, more than 14,000 Russian soldiers had died according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Russia has denied those claims and reports that around 500 soldiers have been killed in action.

Williams said: “We should not hold out too much hope that sanctions alone will turn the Russian population against their leaders, for the simple reason that they control their media, which dutifully pumps out carefully-crafted propaganda and false information.”

He is hopeful that he can create a free flow of information that will reach Russians and “open their eyes” to what is truly taking place.

The addition of crypto rewards in the form of bitcoin and ethereum is smart as the Russian ruble has lost a lot of value and inflation is soaring in Russia.

Williams believes the best way to do this is through the development of a video that will realistically cover the entire situation. To qualify for a reward, a Russian citizen would have to watch through the entire video. Upon reaching the end, the software would release the reward.

The video will also be offered for download. Each participant will receive $50 for a video they have watched. The fund should be sufficient to reach five million people.

You may help the aid effort by donating crypto to Save the Children. More than three million people have been displaced from the country since hostilities began on February 24.



Updated: 03/17/2022 — 13:00