Ethereum Has the Highest Monthly Developer Count

The number of monthly active developers for Ethereum has recently hit an all-time high.

The research comes from studies done on open-source software which shows Ethereum is still leading the race but other competing chains are catching up.

Electric Capital Developer recently released its 2021 report on blockchain development. The study covered 500,000 code repositories and more than 160 million code commits done on open-source software.

It showed there are currently more than 4000 monthly developers working on Ethereum based applications. This is the highest amount recorded in the history of the Ethereum blockchain and over 3000 more than Bitcoin’s current developer count.

The number of developers is at an all-time high but the growth of development on Ethereum is not leading the way and some of the competing chains will catch up to Ethereum if this trend continues.

Currently the second leading blockchain in terms of open-source development is Polkadot. Polkadot currently has 1500 active monthly developers and has grown substantially since the launch of the Polkadot Parachains. The two chains behind Polkadot are Solana and Cosmos which both have roughly 1000 active daily developers.

Developers typically choose Ethereum because it has withstood the test of time, and many find Solidity an easier programming language compared to competing chains.

The network demand on Ethereum currently makes transaction fees very high which is off putting for developers who wish to create real world applications. These high transaction fees are the number one reason for competing chains attracting development talent away from Ethereum.

With Ethereum 2.0 on the horizon many institutional investors believe Ethereum will flourish. Scaling the blockchain is the number one priority for Ethereum if they wish to continue being the leader in smart contract development.

Cardano was one of the most disappointing in the study. The chain was extremely hyped this summer but has struggled to gain dapps, users and developers.

Many blame the programming language for being difficult to utilize. Cardano has grown in developers by 90% in the last year while Polygon, the layer 2 solution, has doubled the number of developers on their platform.

Blockchain developers are in constant demand. Companies like LinkedIn have released multiple reports showing the need for more developers in the industry.

With colleges and universities around the world now offering blockchain courses, there could be more young developers entering the industry.


Updated: 01/11/2022 — 14:00