EXCLUSIVE: Former PokerStars and Full Tilt execs to launch AI-powered NFT

A new platform, built by a team including former senior executives from PokerStars and Full Tilt, is targeting online poker’s casual market with a radical new take on the game where players can partner with NFT-based, AI-powered bots to compete for prizes.

CryptoGamblingNews.com understands the project – which will run under the “Pokeraces” brand – is being led by a team of experienced poker industry veterans, including a former PokerStars director and a former head of product at Full Tilt.

The team sees a major opportunity to capture poker fans dissatisfied with the current ecosystem, where high-level pros, real-time assistance software and the ubiquity of bots have combined to create an unwelcoming environment for casual players.

The team will look to capitalise on what it sees as a faster and more fun variant of poker. Pokeraces instead leverages AI-technology to create poker bots with unique play styles and “PokerDNA” – coded into the NFT metadata – that battle it out to the money on behalf of the holder in “poker races”.

This both levels the playing field and also means a typical 1,000 player tournament will reach its final stages in two or three minutes, as opposed to several hours on existing online poker rooms. Once in the money, the players themselves can step in to play for the win.

The most successful players will likely need to combine their own poker smarts with finding the perfect bot partner.To compete in the races, players must either own or rent an NFT bot, creating opportunities for collectors to earn tokens and other items of value.

Sources close to the project told CryptoGamblingNews.com that the NFT poker bots will go on sale in September, with the platform itself launching in October.

To find out more, join the Pokeraces Discord: https://discord.gg/pokeraces


Updated: 07/20/2022 — 07:00