Feeling Hungry? Fill Your Stomach with Shiba Inu

22 May is known as Bitcoin Pizza Day. In 2010 a man purchased two pizzas from a local restaurant using Bitcoin. This was widely celebrated as one of the first real world purchases using a decentralized digital currency.

On this day, Laszlo Hanyecz agreed to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two delivered Papa John’s pizzas. At the time these Bitcoins were worth roughly $41 but today the value of 10,000 Bitcoin is over $600m.

Hanyecz has said that he does not regret the purchase as it made the headlines making it one of the news articles that grew awareness around cryptocurrency.

Today, a new food item is available for the first time with a different cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu has been circulating the news lately as it recently hit a new all-time high and overtook Dogecoin as the dominant meme coin.

This meme coin has made millionaires and possibly billionaires over the last 12 months. This restaurant marks the first real world adoption for the currency which has been nothing more than a speculative asset so far.

Many crypto enthusiasts do not believe that Shiba Inu will have any real world value. Most of the meme coins on the market are just trying to catch some of the hype started by Elon Musk.

The coin has over 1 quadrillion tokens in circulation and there is not much development going with the project.

As the crypto asset continues to climb, many might be skeptical to purchase sushi with the crypto asset. In the future we might see a Shiba Sushi Day when we look back at the person who spent their SHIB token to purchase sushi.

In its efforts to intice diners, the sushi restaurant has sweetened the deal by offering a 20% discount for anyone who purchases sushi from the restaurant using the token.

When Dogecoin reached its peak it suffered a great loss as the price dropped dramatically. As Shiba Inu continues to grow exponentially, one might wonder if the restaurant is taking a huge risk by accepting the volatile digital currency.

Seeing more retailers and restaurants accepting digital currency is a promising look. In order for this to be a growing trend, a shift in regulations that currently stop countries from accepting cryptocurrencies for goods and services needs to be addressed.

For those looking to use their profits in Shiba Inu, a good meal might be an easy way to score a discount and get a great meal.

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Updated: 11/01/2021 — 20:00