Florida City Workers Might soon be Paid in Bitcoin

Miami is pushing for cryptocurrency adoption, and it isn’t the first time. The use cases for the coin have grown over the years, and in recent weeks the mayor, Francis Suarez stated that Bitcoin mining is an “incredible opportunity”. This year the city hosted one of the largest Bitcoin conferences; Bitcoin 2021. 

This cryptocurrency-friendly city has many opportunities for Bitcoin lovers including real estate for purchase with Bitcoin. The mayor of Miami has gone on record to say that making Miami the Bitcoin capital of the world is a major priority for him.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Suarez announced pushing forward a proposal to give the option to pay city workers with Bitcoin. This proposal also includes the suggestion for residents to pay fees and taxes with Bitcoin as well.

This task will not be an easy one for the city. State and federal laws currently do not allow municipalities to hold cryptocurrencies. Without the ability to hold cryptocurrencies, it would be a challenge to pay incomes with Bitcoin.

Miami has also been at the forefront of making Bitcoin mining eco-friendly. City mayor Suarez has played with the idea of using nuclear power to mine Bitcoin in Southern Florida. As the US recently became top in the world in Bitcoin mining, the critics have pushed to reduce the carbon footprint associated with it.

Many residents in Florida find cryptocurrencies innovative and hold the prospects of earning a lot of revenue. Crypto enthusiasts from all around the US have moved to Miami to be a part of the push for adoption.

Bitcoin is currently close to its all-time high, and many speculate that the end of the year will be an incredible one for the coin. With initiatives like the ones in Miami, it’s no surprise that Bitcoin is making headlines again and again.

If Mayor Saurez manages to push through this proposal we will see the number of wallet holders and Bitcoin holders increase as many city workers receive their first cryptocurrencies. 

New holders will require instructions on how to use the coin and also need to be educated on safety and security when holding cryptocurrency. It’s no secret onlookers are waiting in anticipation to see what happens next with this proposal.

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Updated: 10/19/2021 — 23:00