FunFair focuses on entertainment value in next L2 game

FunFair is ready to make the next step in the delivery of its layer-two solution games with FunFair Labs already achieving some significant results. When the development of FunFair’s new-generation multiplayer games began, FunFair CTO Oliver Hopton touched on the concept of such games and why exploring fresh angles was important, adding:

“Multiplayer games have been requested several times by our players, and thanks to faster and cheaper blockchains, we can now explore this concept.”

Today, FunFair already has a working game based on a L2 solution and the xDai blockchain. “Payloads” was delivered on March 26 through the Blockchain Gaming Alliance Demo Day. Commenting on the occasion, FunFair CPO Fred Kessler said that having Payloads launch was important as it helped the company change its development approach and remove and imposed restrictions set by the previous platform which run on Ethereum.

At the same time, Labs is stepping firmly into the future. According to an official update published at, the company has already launched several R&D projects and a proof of concept within FunFair Labs. Moving forward, the company is still focused on the development of multiplayer games. The big change here is that FunFair plans to “depart from gambling style games” and focus instead on entertainment value in its next game. 

“The goal is to leverage in-game assets using blockchain technology to create additional interest and activity between players but remaining in line with FunFair’s focus on trustless applications,” the update stated.

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Updated: 04/08/2021 — 14:00