FunFair restores access to more than 30 games

FunFair Technologies has agreed to restore access to the FunFair Showcase, a library where all of the company’s games can be found and played.

Following the (temporary) closure of CasinoFair and other FunFair-powered casinos, these games were largely unavailable, prompting community members to ask for access.

This is now possible through the Showcase which contains every game developed by FunFair so far and allows players access through three distinct categories: slots, casino and instant.

FunFair has been focusing on the development of its multiplayer games, which has put the regular titles and casino experience on the backburner. Some of the games on the Showcase though are all-time favorites, including but not limited to Fun Mountain, Pirate Dice and Wheel of Fun.

Presently, the more than 30 titles are accessible to play for fun. Players will be happy to know that FunFair is advancing with the development of their new projects.

Following demonstrations of AstroBoomers: To The Moon! and Payloads, FunFair Technologies is now developing a Layer-2 game that is focused on entertainment value more so than gambling mechanics.

For anyone looking to explore the latest titles by FunFair, they can drop by the FunFair Labs. If you can’t wait for the new games to release, you can still find worthwhile gaming opportunities by visiting FortuneJack, 1xBit and


Updated: 04/16/2021 — 14:00