Fuse Network integrates with Sushi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Fuse Network has announced its integration with multichain DeFi protocol Sushi.

Sushi launched a variety of components in 2020, these included: Kashi lending protocol, decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, BentoBox dApps ecosystem, xSUSHI staking platform, Miso initial DEX offering (IDO) platform and the upcoming Shōyu NFT marketplace.

The SUSHI token powers the platform, rewarding liquidity providers on SushiSwap.

As part of the merger, Fuse Network will deploy SushiSwap’s automated market maker (AMM) based decentralized exchange, as well as its liquidity interface.

Furthering these new integrations, Miso initial DEX offering platform and Kashi lending network will also be added.

With a large focus on boosting liquidity to the new DEX, the liquidity reward programs will launch via Fuse. These will then spread across trading pools on SushiSwap. The precise trading pools are yet to be announced.

Fuse Network CEO Mark Smargon said: “Sushi is a multichain powerhouse in the DeFi space that was among the technology’s pioneers before it was cool.

“Sushi’s extension to Fuse is testimony to the progress that Fuse has made since its launch and its unique value proposition as a mobile-centric blockchain platform.”

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Updated: 01/19/2022 — 20:00