Game developers appeal Steam’s blockchain ban

Steam, the largest digital marketplace for video games, has been criticized by crypto advocates for a decision to suspend any games that feature crypto payments, whether this has to do with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or other blockchain-backed technology.

A number of Web3 developers and advocates are now trying to make their case that the move made by Valve will ultimately hurt independent developers, and banning crypto gamers will push consumers outside of the platform to unsafe alternatives.

An open letter sent to Valve by Fight for the Future (FTF), a digital rights group, has appealed to the developer to reconsider its stance.

FTF represents a number of developers and organizations, including the Blockchain Game Alliance, Enjin and 26 independent blockchain game studios.

Web3 games create an opportunity for Valve consumers to enjoy a fresh product on the Steam ecosystem, the letter argues. “Please consider changing your stance on this issue and permit tokens and, more broadly, the use of blockchain tech on the Steam platform. Don’t ban blockchain-based games on Steam”, the FTF pleaded.

According to the FTF, Valve should at least start a conversation with blockchain developers and establish some guidelines that would be to the benefit of consumers and businesses. A blanket ban, the organization argues, is counter-intuitive as the growth of such games, including Axie Infinity, is only going to continue.

A highly anticipated blockchain game called Age of Rust will now not be able to appear on Steam because of the new restrictions which make it difficult for the game to reach consumers.

However, other shops have been fairly positive about the change and the arrival of blockchain games. The Epic Games Store has vowed to support the vertical even though its main competitor has denied it a chance.

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Updated: 10/27/2021 — 11:00