GeFi: The NEW HYPE is OVER the ROOF! 100% successful Public Sales!

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With the Phase 1 availability of a total of 57,000 sGEG sold at 4 USD per sGEG, GeFi successfully raised 228,000 USD from phase 1 of public sales which was commenced on 8th July 2021, ended in 3 minutes and 7 seconds!


The early adopters who missed out on the 1st phase were then guided to the Phase 2 of the public sales which was commenced on 12th of July 2021, which lasted for a little over 7 days before 100% of the sGEG were sold out. A whopping total of 85,500 sGEG was sold at 5 USD for every sGEG, and the GeFi successfully raised 427,500 USD!


During the final phase of the public sales (ended just hours ago, at time of writing), GeFi allocated a total of 142,500 sGEG with the price at 6 USD per sGEG, also ended successfully in under 3 days!! The Phase 3 public sales started at 23rd July 2021, UTC 0000, successfully raised 100% of the allocations which is a whacking 855,000 USD into their pool and currently, there are 285,000 sGEG waiting to be staked once the official pool has been launched (estimated at 12th August 2021, UTC 1200).


All the sGEG purchased will be allocated to all early adopters after the end of every phases respectively, which means, those who purchased during the Phase 3, will receive the sGEG on 6th August 2021, UTC 1159. CONGRATULATIONS to all our early adopters from Phase 1, Phase 2 as well as Phase 3, for being some of the first GeFions to join us to the GeFi Space and TO THE MOON!


What’s more…
GeFi currently has a few airdrop activities on-going! Friendly reminder to those who has not participated AND our K.O.L airdrops, FREE GEG Giveaway!! There is also the “It Pays to Have Friends” campaign open to everyone packed with loads of privileges!
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