Greener BTC mining may be more profitable

As the environmental debate about whether Bitcoin (BTC) mining is eco-friendly rages on, a member of the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) believes that a solution is at hand.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Hass McCook argued that a zero-emission BTC mining technology is in sight.

McCook is referring to something called immersive cooling technology, which may help the industry to reach its zero-emission goal by 2030.

As the name of the technology suggests, the idea is to get the BTC mining ASICs submerged in a special cooling fluid that will absorb the heat and parry any negative impact from CO2 emissions.

Recycling BTC mining energy is definitely not a new idea. Canada has been forging ahead with plans to use excessive energy produced from BTC mining to power its power grid. Already, there are volunteers to try and bring this technology to fruition.

Riot Blockchain, a BTC mining company, confirmed plans that it’s working on a 200-megawatt mining infrastructure to put what it considers a promising tech to a quick test.

Others have been even more optimistic about the green future of BTC. Around the Coin podcast co-host Brian Roemmele predicted that BTC is going to be green by 2024, an ambitious outlook that may prove difficult to back up.

Regardless of when this technology could help BTC mining reach zero emissions, it will definitely be making an impact on how the currency is mined. The tech has the potential to reduce wear and tear on the hardware used to mine BTC and it will make it easier to avoid reaching critical temperatures while avoiding the need to invest additional resources.

Of course, not everyone is doing it to meet eco goals. McCook believes that profit is ultimately driving miners to go greener, as it’s simply cheaper. “The move to green Bitcoin mining won’t be for environmental reasons. It’ll be to get miners’ cost basis down to improve their profits”, he said.

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Updated: 10/29/2021 — 11:00