Heatbit: Bitcoin Mining Heater Could Cut Costs

Back in the old days, if one was into gadgets, one might remember inviting friends over with their PCs for some serious LAN parties.

The warmth generated from person to person, (and person to PC) made every room as hot as a sauna. Windows open, fans on; there was no stopping the heat.

Flash forward to now, and those who run mining machines in their house are feeling the same struggle. With the difficulties in Bitcoin mining continuously rising, the strain on computers to mine Bitcoin generates a large amount of energy and in turn, heat.

One company decided to take advantage of this by creating an ingenious solution, a heater that mines Bitcoin.

Heatbit is the company behind this idea creating the first-ever electric heater that also mines Bitcoin. Heatbit uses silicon chips that generate heat and can also be used to run heavy computations required for mining.

There are claims that this powerful machine uses 1300W of energy, and in doing so, produces Bitcoin.

The website features an advertisement video that covers the basics of the device. At the bottom of the site, there is a calculator that allows a user to input the price of Bitcoin, the hours a day one would use the device and the cost of electricity in your area. These numbers will then tell you how much you will earn. 

In some cities the price of electricity is rocketing, in these areas, users will not earn money from the device but instead will see a discount in the cost of running the heater over conventional heaters.

At $0.16 per kWh the cost of heating your home would be free. The average cost of electricity in the US is $0.15 per kWh which is ideal for this device.

Typically for a heater, if this is the main source of heat, a user would want 8-10 watts per square foot. This means a 1300W heater will suffice for a 150-162 square foot space. Depending on the home size, it may be necessary to have one of these in each room.

The device comes in three colors and uses a mobile app. The miner automatically updates itself and requires no technical knowledge. The cost of this heater is around $1200 but is currently on presale for $1000.

Heatbit is already seeming so popular that one of the colors has even sold out!

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Updated: 11/08/2021 — 23:00