Jack Dorsey’s first tweet NFT fails to sell

A buyer who purchased Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet on the popular social media platform for a record $2.9m is finding it hard to hawk the unique item.

Sina Estavi coughed up the money for the non-fungible token (NFT) that represents Dorsey’s first ever message on the platform dating back to 2006.

Estavi was hoping that the unique item could fetch up to $50m, at least half of which he said would be donated.

Bought in March 2021, the NFT has been sitting in Estavi’s possession no prospective buyers showing much of interest.

Estavi is no amateur come crypto. He’s the chief executive of Bridge Oracle and he knows that he may find a way to turn a profit off the NFT he’s now trying to push on Twitter fans or NFT aficionados.

Estavi already confirmed that he has been offered $10m for the tweet, but the figure doesn’t cut it. Estavi is unwilling to sell the NFT unless the money he is offered is enough.

He would much rather stick to the unique piece of internet history than seek to get rid of it for a paltry sum.

He is confident that if no immediate seller is found, then people in the future will realize what a unique item it is and no doubt seek to purchase it.

Estavi isn’t sure if he will be able to ever sell the NFT in the foreseeable future. He is confident, though, that the NFT will one day be a greatly coveted piece of internet memorabilia all the same.

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Updated: 04/15/2022 — 10:00