Kuailian Responds to False Accusations and Confirms its Importance

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Economic interests abound in the digital world and that is so true that any group of people can spread false news to slow the growth of projects in order to obtain benefits from it, Kuailian, the versatile blockchain ecosystem has been strongly criticized lately by opponents of the methodologies and operation on which the platform is based.

It has been said that it is not real and that it does not have a true pool to run an effective and reliable operation; For this reason, many users fear that the company and their investments in it may disappear, which is a great deception and ineffective manipulation since Kuailian team has the tools to prove to a court that its operation is real, that there has been staking and that there has been an accurate accounting of funds.

Clarification on the person in charge of Kuailian!

Also another false news talks about the role in Kuailian of Cristian Albeiro Carmona Hernández (CEO of CrossChange) in which they indicate that he is in charge of pool management to create a cloud of confusion in Kuailian users, since when searching in The Estonian registration of Cristian Carmona as the owner of Kuailian users realize that it is not true, it is for this reason that the Kuailian team affirms and wants to make it very clear that la gestión del pool está en manos de David Ruiz de León CEO of Kuailian who is responsible for the funds on the platform, the same that are managed by the team in charge of the funds in Kuailian, a specialized technical team with years of experience in the field that is in charge of maintaining the systems, managing the correct operation of the investments and now that the recycling process is being carried out, they are in charge of dismantling the funds.

As mentioned above Cristian Carmona is the CEO of a company that offers digital asset exchange services called Crosschange with which the Kuailian team project future plans, Carmona is also the owner of a company called Oriental United Agency based in Estonia who is dedicated to software development and has developed the technology used in Kuailian, the automatisms, the blockchain platform, the back office, the machine learning system, among other things.

But only this company provides the technology that is used, since Kuailian IT team is in charge of platform development, and everything that has to do with updates in the system and development of new ideas. It is important to make this clarification in order for Kuailian users to have the peace of mind that the management of the pool is centralized in the company and does not depend on a third party since that could generate doubts.

It is also important to be clear that the company that manages the pool funds is Kuailian App, and the person responsible for said funds is also the CEO David Ruiz de León, in the hands of a team of fund managers who are in charge of providing security and establish a correct operation of the pool so that users receive their respective rewards for placing their digital currencies at the disposal of the platform.

In conclusion:

The options in the world of crypto assets are many, but the true and reliable opportunities are really rare these days; therefore when taking into account Kuailian with a history of more than 2 years in the market, coming to offer a total return in rewards to its users above 300 million dollars and with a team that can demonstrate day by day the operation of its platform, showing with solid bases the numbers that it can generate and the returns that it can offer based on in its operation (PoS), we can be sure of having a reasonable opportunity to generate passive income. The Kuailian team confirms its impact on the market and proposes new avenues that can generate opportunities for everyone.

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Updated: 04/03/2021 — 22:00