KuCoin adds ClearDAO DeFi

ClearDAO has announced its project token CLH will list on KuCoin as the first KuCoin Spotlight project of 2022.

ClearDAO aims to provide developers with not only software development kit (SDK), but the correct tools to develop crypto derivatives and marketplaces.

The plan is for the CLH/USDT trading pair to become available to users of the exchange.

The derivative (a contract between two parties that derives its value and price from an underlying asset) sector in the crypto industry illustrates three major points, these being: lack of derivative variety, absence of risk management and zero derivatives for new asset classes, such as NFTs.

ClearDAO has high hopes that the market share of derivatives will increase in the future, especially as DeFi matures and more institutions embrace crypto and its currencies.

The company believes it can boost the growth of the sector by allowing developers the opportunity to create bespoke derivates, thus lowering the barrier of entry.

Because user experience is a major focus at ClearDAO, a proof-of-concept barrier marketplace was recently launched and integrated into the project, on several testnets.

After the launch, feedback was provided by those who had tried the marketplace

In Q1 2022, ClearDAO will launch the Clear SDK v1.0, according to the roadmap. Alongside this, the project will commence its developer programme providing technical support, funding and marketing solutions.

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Updated: 01/17/2022 — 14:00