KuCoin launches CBC/USDT trading pair

KuCoin style itself as the most-advanced and safest crypto exchange out there. Despite a small hiccup last year KuCoin remains one of the most trusted exchanges in the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies. Now, at long last, KuCoin is launching trade support for Casino Betting Coin (CBC), an ambitious coin that is designed to help gamblers worldwide have a common currency to use across numerous casinos.

Moving forward, gamblers will be able to trade CBC/USDT as the trading pair was just added to the exchange yesterday. This is good news for anyone who has been having second thoughts about CBC. Now that you have the trading pair on KuCoin, you can cash out at any time you want. If the time isn’t right, you can still use the CBC to continue gambling at one of your favorite casinos.

Before you run for some of the best brands out there, whether this is 1xBit or Bitcasino.io, we recommend taking a closer look at Casino Betting Coin, too! The company has recently launched a zero-loss lottery pool which will pique your interest and make thing twice before you just pass up on this opportunity.

Earlier this year, CBC launched a liquidity pool with FUN, yet another example of CBC’s growing momentum in the gaming ecosystem worldwide.


Updated: 04/12/2021 — 04:00