Madonna launches first NFT

Madonna and Mike Winkelmann AKA Beeple have collaborated on a three-video NFT showcasing a CGI Madonna giving birth to nature’s finest creations.

The first video named “Mother of Creation” displays Madonna birthing a tree. The second is focused on animal life, named “Mother of Evolution” where the singer gives birth to butterflies, and lastly, “Mother of Technology”, in which she births biomechanical centipedes.

Madonna shared a post on the social media platform Twitter explaining she was “leaning into a new virtual world” with Beeple.

Beeple retweeted the post, sharing his elation at working with Madonna over the past year. He said: “INSANELY HONORED to have collaborated with @Madonna on this project. Excited for the world to see this one…”

In an interview with the New York Times, Madonna explained the provocative nature of the NFT videos as a means of illustrating evolution, creation and motherhood. “I never want to be provocative just for the sake of provocation, they stand for hope. They stand for technology”, she said.

All proceeds from the new NFT collection will be donated and split between three different charities: Black Mama’s Bail Out (helps incarcerated caregivers), The Voices of Children Foundation (providing aid for Ukrainian children) and the City of Joy Foundation (for victims of violence in Congo).

The crypto platform MoonPay will also donate $300,000 as a part of the NFT launch giving $100,000 to each charity. The NFTs will be auctioned for charity on SuperRare between Wednesday and Friday this week.

Beeple became world famous last year when his NFT, Everydays – The First 5000 Days, sold for a record $69.3m at Christie’s and catapulted the digital art form into the mainstream consciousness.

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Updated: 05/10/2022 — 13:00

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