Man Ruins Relationship By Purchasing an NFT as a Christmas Present

A reddit post on r/AITA has revealed not everyone is ready to have NFTs gifted to them for Christmas, even if they are worth $8000.

A woman on the forum relayed her disbelief as her boyfriend handed her a phone with a picture of a monkey on it and tried to explain that it was her gift. The situation was made worse when he explained that the gift had cost him $8000, and that it was his only gift to her that year.

She wrote: “One of his brothers even brought up the point about how it was poor in taste to give a monkey picture to your Black fiancée. Dave asked me if I was ever going to defend him and at this point I was so humiliated that I just got up and locked myself in the bathroom for a good cry”.

When she finally spoke to her boyfriend again, she told him: “All I wanted was a $200 bag and he spent 8k on a monkey picture!” But the boyfriend argued it was an investment in their future. She claimed it showed a complete lack of care and understanding and finished the post by asking if she was out of line to get very upset with this situation.

There are an incredible number of people who do not grasp the idea of NFTs. Even those in cryptocurrency who only buy and sell tokens are not fully sold on the idea of digital collectibles. Outside of crypto enthusiasts, the love for NFTs is even smaller as was displayed by the recent backlash to a few games that tried to incorporate NFTs.

To give someone an NFT who has never expressed interest towards them is a risky move and to make it your sole gift is a bold move.

It is uncertain at this time if the couple will remain in a relationship after this incident. If this NFT somehow produces a profit over time it might seem like a strange but lucrative gift idea but conversely if the value drops, it could put even more strain on the relationship.

One thing is for sure, a lesson is learned here that if you are going to make a big purchase for a loved one, make sure they at least understand what it is.

If you are excited about cryptocurrencies there is a good chance your friends and family have at one point heard you speak about digital assets and how enthusiastic you are about the future.

The interest you received from speaking about crypto depends on how well the market is doing at the time. When the market is performing well you can be sure that family members will start asking you about digital currencies and how to get involved.

The year 2021 was incredible for cryptocurrencies and many holders looked into gifting their favorite coins, tokens and even NFTs to loved ones that showed interest.

A study before Christmas revealed that most women were not particularly happy with receiving NFTs as a gift. One man this holiday season found this out the hard way.


Updated: 01/05/2022 — 08:00