Margex Brings New Features + Bonus for New Users

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Margex Brings New Features + Bonus for New Users 101

Users of the crypto derivatives trading platform Margex have already learned to expect only the best from them. From a simple, easy to use interface to competitive leverage for professional traders, everyone who wants to take their trading to the next level can find something here. To keep this up, Margex has added several new features to the platform to keep user satisfaction levels up and bring convenience to the maximum.

Ease of Use on Orders

If you made a mistake, gained new knowledge or simply want to change the details of your open positions, now you can adjust the leverage even after it’s live. You can even add or remove margin completely, so if you decide that the risk factor is not for you, Margex has got you covered. All you need to do is click on the dotted lines under your position’s margin and you’re presented with a handy slider that lets you adjust it to your liking.

Additionally, if your strategy is percentage-based, you can use the new order size percentage-based slider that you can use to quickly fill-in your order details without having to manually calculate the percentage of each deal’s impact on your available balance. Many experts use this approach to decide how much they want to invest per position.

For fine-tuning your orders, you can effortlessly set up simultaneous stop loss and take profit orders without having to manually enter asset prices. Margex has a percentage RoE field that enters the price that triggers your stop-loss and take-profit orders automatically. You can also set both stop-loss and take-profit orders on positions awaiting to be filled. As the exchange explains, “The ability to place Take Profit and Stop Loss orders before the position is filled is crucial when you are away from your device.”

Margex Brings New Features + Bonus for New Users 102

General Convenience

While all the aforementioned innovations are extremely important for any trader who wants to have complete control over their orders, those that affect your general quality of life should not be overlooked. To further improve in this regard, Margex has added support for Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portugese and Turkish languages. If you want to change your account to one of these, simply head over to your “Account Settings” and pick your preferred language.

Need to have a better look at the charts? Or do you think they’re too big as it is and you’d rather look at other data? Now you can resize the charts to your heart’s content! It’s as simple as can be—just hover your cursor over the edge of the chart and drag it to your preferred size. This way, you can choose what you focus on.

Regardless of whether you’re already loyal to Margex or just now learning about them, you should know that margin trading carries a risk proportional to the potential reward. If you cannot afford to cover the potential loss, using leverage may not be for you. On the other hand, if you can, this can be the perfect tool for maximizing your gains quickly and efficiently!

Special Deal:

How to Get a USD 150 Bonus at Margex

So you’re ready to give Margex a shot, but you would appreciate an extra incentive to do so. Or maybe you’d already decided, even without the bonus, but would not refuse more funds to trade with. Not to worry—the steps are extremely simple. This is what you need to do:

Margex Brings New Features + Bonus for New Users 103

  • Click on the banner. Nothing easier!
  • Create an account on Margex. As soon as you do so, you will get a USD 50 bonus credited to your account.
  • Deposit at least 0.004 BTC. While you can deposit more, you will need this minimum for the next step.
  • Open the support live chat and send the code “CRYPTONEWS”. Without the quotation marks, of course—just click on the live chat bubble on your screen and type the word.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive another USD 100 bonus. You may have to be a little patient, as the process is not as instantaneous as the first part of the bonus. Still, this is as simple as it gets, right?

You can click here to start. With USD 150 in addition to the 0.004 BTC, there is nothing stopping you from dipping your toes into the derivatives trading world on one of the most secure exchanges out there. Good luck and never invest more than you can stand to lose!


Updated: 08/05/2021 — 15:00