Microsoft details metaverses in Xbox and Teams

Microsoft has become the latest company to announce its intentions of joining the metaverse, detailing several updates to Teams and its Xbox gaming console services.

The updates will be introduced through a new product called “Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces”.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was confident of the future success of the product and the role that metaverses will play in entertainment and the work space.

“The metaverse enables us to embed computing into the real world and to embed the real world into computing. Bringing real presence to any digital space. What’s most important is that we are able to bring our humanity with us, and choose how we want to experience this world”, Nadella explained.

Metaverses have been subject to a lot of speculation, especially following Facebook’s ambitious announcement, but Microsoft seems to be the one adding more flesh to the concept.

While the updates have been revealed, they are not yet enacted. That will happen at some point in 2022 when Microsoft will add more personalised avatars and debut immersive spaces to meet up with friends and colleagues in those digital worlds.

Microsoft is set on achieving excellent connectivity as the devices needed to participate in the metaverse would have no technical specifications it seems.

Microsoft is using the “Mesh” moniker to describe the updates that will add the metaverse spaces. As to Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces, the company confirmed that a preview is coming in December 2021.

Yet, workspaces are not the only ones that are going to benefit from the update. Rather, Nadella is aiming to bring these changes to Xbox as well. Speaking to Bloomberg, Nadella argued that gaming is already a Metaverse.

Titles such as Halo, Minecraft and Flight Sim are all examples of metaverses, but Microsoft is now planning to introduce fully 3D worlds.

The idea of creating fully scaled metaverse worlds isn’t new but Microsoft seem to be serious about taking this concept to gaming and bringing it to fruition.

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Updated: 11/03/2021 — 18:00