Mind Music launches new multi-chain

Mind Music announced its multichain launch on Saturday, June 25.

The Mind Music project collaborates with artists worldwide to create awareness for those struggling with mental health issues, and after a successful launch of its non-fungible token (NFT) collection and coin, Mind Music’s multichain launch was announced last weekend.

The launch of the project hopes to create a bridge between blockchains by implementing several long-term opportunities for sustainability and low fees. 

Investors had the option to acquire assets by participating in Mind Music’s Fair Launch alongside making contributions to the event via the Polygon, Fantom, Ethereum, Cronos and Avalanche blockchains from the project’s official website.

The Mind Music NFT collection holds 1,010 NFTs collectively, 1,000 are up for sale to the public, with 10 of them being hidden exclusive tokens that unlock benefits on the platform.

 The remaining 10 tokens are left for the project’s team members or special giveaways.

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Updated: 06/27/2022 — 13:00