Netgear Allows for NFTs in Connected Picture Frames

Netgear has announced that it is aiming to bring NFTs into the real world through a live picture frame.

The computer networking company began work with Metamask in January to incorporate NFTs into the Meural Smart Frame.

The Meural Smart Frame will enable users to connect their Metamask wallet to the frame and display NFT artwork around their house.

Meural Smart Frame was developed in 2014 by Netgear and allows owners to sync multiple photos which will broadcast from a wireless picture frame.

Netgear announced recently that NFTs are the perfect use-case for the Meural Smart Frame and are working on the beta testing phase of the product.

When discussing the product, Netgear announced that users can upload their NFTs into micro-sd cards or use the built-in app to broadcast them from their Meural Smart Frame.

Netgear also announced the launch of a paid for service that will enable users to choose from thousands of artworks around the world which will display from their wireless frames as a slideshow.

The Meural Smart Frames come in three different sizes. The smallest one is a desk frame which retails around $300.

There are also two wall mounted options that measure 16 x 24 and 19 x 29 inches. These larger frames currently retail around $400 and $600 respectively. Unfortunately, none of the Meural Picture Frames display resolutions higher than 1080p.

While the main spotlight for NFTs is on algorithmically generated monkey pictures and other weird images, there are some animated digital art NFTs that would look very interesting in one of these frames. These NFTs could however be a constant reminder to those who spent a little too much money on overly hyped NFT projects.

Whether you like NFTs or not it could become harder to avoid them as the Meural Smart Frame adopts them. Would you buy a Meural Smart Frame to broadcast your NFT collection? Reply on our social media and let us know which NFTs you would display around your house.


Updated: 01/12/2022 — 08:00