NFT influencer Zeneca gets hacked

Non-fungible token (NFT) influencer Zeneca has been the latest victim of a phishing scam.

Zeneca’s social media accounts were hit and comprised on Tuesday 19 July and linked to fake airdrop accounts for the influencers’ Zen Academy Founders Pass. Users were then tricked into connecting their wallets.

The hackers left a message on Zeneca’s compromised Twitter account which said: “Hey everyone wanted to do something special for the community so here I go!

“I would like to announce the official release of the Zen Academy Founders Pass airdrop. There will be 333 of these passes to start off. The lucky few that manage to get one.”

Within minutes of the tweet being sent, users began flagging the account as compromised.

Twitter’s head of consumer product marketing Justin Tayler blocked the account after 40 minutes of the hack taking place.

“@Zeneca_33 has been hacked but is now locked down. Will be getting him access back soon”, he tweeted

NFT hacks are largely occurring in the community with phishing scams becoming increasingly regular.

Recently Uniswap was targeted by an organised phishing scam to the amount of $8m, one particular victim lost  $6.5m worth of cryptocurrency from a fake airdrop.

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Updated: 07/20/2022 — 15:00