NFTs Revolutionize the Publishing Industry

A recent article in Crypto Gambling News discussed additional utility appearing online for NFTs, the post highlighted the use of its technology and its locking mechanisms. While many believe the tokens are just for digital art and collectibles, the actual technology has a lot more to offer. Just like in the beginning days of ERC-20 tokens, the utility and benefits of non-fungible tokens continue to develop. 

In recent years, publishers worldwide have been struggling. Self publications have grown exponentially in popularity with the ease of use of the internet and Amazon tools. In order to survive this downward trend, the publishing industry needs to offer something more to potential clients. The NFT Magazine thinks they have a solution to this by moving things onto the blockchain.

Having recently released the first issue, the magazine sold out quickly, but there are still some available. This product has grown into fame with the help of celebrities. The second edition is set to launch soon and will feature the famous 3D NFT artist, Coldie (next issues cover feature), and Snoop Dogg’s new NFT collection.

These NFTs not only allow magazine and book collectors to get digitally authenticated original publications but also give a voice to the owners. The tokens generated allow consumers to vote on their preferences for future editions. 

Many involved in the crypto world know the reveal of the tokens is highly exciting. Finding out if you have a rare NFT or a common one can keep some people up all night. Inside holders found an exclusive interview with Coldie as well as information about the current market. Sections of the article included the top 10 NFT charts alongside the top 25 best projects around.

The first issue of the magazine only printed 500 copies whereas its second will have a total of 700. All unsold editions will be burned which increases the rarity of the ones that were sold.

These magazines can be purchased on Ethereum’s largest NFT marketplace, Opensea. The second edition is available on Opensea and can be minted for roughly $200. The first edition is currently going for around $700. It will be exciting to see if this takes off and how it can change publishing around the world.

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Updated: 12/07/2021 — 01:00