RBI’s CBDC: RBI’s CBDC must not bear interest, else it will break banking system: Subbarao

Synopsis In an interview with ETMarkets.com, the former governor said the intermediary function of commercial banks would come under stress if the CBDC offered by RBI becomes an interest-bearing instrument. “I don’t believe CBDCs should pay interest, because if they do, then they are not a currency since currencies don’t bear interest,” the former governor […]

Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto immortalized in Budapest: Is it the beginning of a more inclusive global presence for cryptocurrencies?

Synopsis Despite suffering a decisive correction in April 2021, Bitcoin retraced back rather significantly over the next few months. Led by its adoption as a legal tender in El Salvador and the subsequent eternalization of its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin, for now, seems to be moving in the right direction. For credible crypto exchanges like […]